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"theft is for scum" nice opinion whered u get it, the cop store

stop saying theft is okay, it’s NOT

i am just wondering, did u by any chance get this opinion from the cop store

rly ppl who arent genderweird even in the tiniest bit are like so boring to me sorry? also people who have considered taking paths to persue their gender bt decide to be cis as hell bc its “easier” are fucked up

ie my ex

QueerNonmanWave the new aesthetic where ur not a fuckin loser
i like bad bitches because they like bad bitches too
no you cant use my lipgloss

lesbiennedelalune u made the girl kind of gay post? thank you. i quote it and whenever i thin kabout telling my dad im gay i want to do it exactly in that way. 

mom, dad, im gay
but like, the girl kind
(via lesbiennedelalune)

this  may be the last nite for good blogging like i know im going to get sadder as the week progresses and im gonna go back to posting emoji just to feel revolutionary RIP

redpilledbymoldbug replied to your post “amphetameme replied to your post:i think i sleep a lot when i visit…”

i do this ALL the time mostly because when i’m coming over to someone’s house they’re probably being Lewd w/ me and i get really tired

if im gonna get silly with someone it helps me to nap first bc i get good about sex things and junkfood around 3 am which doesnt surprise me since i am a demon

corregret replied to your post: tru life i am constantly on xanax to f…

that was me last year be careful please…… ;o;

i love you!!

illegal pit move: take a nap
my ex used to come over and go to sleep immediately

thats my illegal pit move

tru life i am constantly on xanax to function within social situations and i just makes me sleepy, and in turn it makes me look cuter!